Hello there and welcome to the 2019 wedding trends. Now, you probably thought that you will find all sorts of information on what colors will be all the rage this coming wedding season, which are the “in” locations and what style of wedding dress will get you in line with the fashionable crowd….and I promise, we will get to that in coming posts. But today I wanted to write about three wedding trends that won’t go out of fashion. Ever. Because whatever the year, season or style of your wedding, these three points will help you have the wedding you will remember for the rest of your life.


It’s easy to get carried away by all the excitement and glamour of planning a wedding and become so immersed in choosing the venue, deciding on the flowers and finalizing the menus that you forget about why you’re really doing it in the first place. While I believe it’s essential to have a wedding planner in order to have a care-free wedding, I also think that it’s the planner’s job to make sure you experience the excitement of those special moments with those you love the most.  What is a visit to a beautifully arranged flower shop without your mum who adores blooms or venue viewing without your special someone you can enjoy taking in beautiful surroundings with? The moments you spend together planning your wedding will be the ones you look back to just as fondly as your actual wedding day. Make a mini getaway of it and stay overnight in the area, exploring local cuisine and getting excited about your wedding.

So, when planning your wedding, surround yourself with true friends or family member, decide on activities you want to share with your fiancé and laugh, smile and chat those moments away. Oh, and do remember to take lots of pretty pictures… coz you know, Instagram.


Right now, you probably think I’ve gone mad. After all, I’m a wedding planner so surely the more you spend on your wedding, the better it is for me, right? Not really.

I need happy clients in order to create beautiful weddings. And nothing makes wedding planning more stressful than a couple who has stepped out of their comfort zone where the budget is concerned. Trust me when I say that beautiful, unforgettable weddings don’t have to cost a fortune. It’s all about careful attention to detail and meticulous planning and while it is true that certain venues may be out of reach where modest budgets are concerned, it is my job to create a perfect wedding for every couple.

If your budget won’t stretch to cover everything from dream venue to a million roses, think about what your priorities for your wedding day are. Saving on lavish décor may just give me the possibility to get you THAT band and some of the funds you don’t pour into your wedding dress may just make that welcome party possible.

If you can and want to, then go for the luxury everything, but don’t despair if you must make some cuts. After all, remember the first wedding trend, it’s all about who you share it with and that doesn’t cost a thing.


Every so often I encounter THAT couple… so immersed in their lists and pie charts, making notes upon notes on their ideas, estimated costs and timelines that I wonder if they’ve even noticed they’re planning a wedding and not setting up a new business. The joy of sharing this once-in-a-lifetime experience gets overshadowed by the need of planning every second of their wedding day to absolute perfection, not leaving any space for enjoyment and fun.

The truth is that however well you plan your wedding, whatever amazing venue you choose and how experienced your wedding planner is, there will always be things which won’t go 100 % as planned. And that’s ok! Your wedding should be a stress-free, beautifully planned and organized event, but spontaneous moments are the ones we tend to look back on with a smile. A little child who stops and stares at the flower arrangements instead of carrying the rings straight to the altar, an impromptu teary speech by your dad and awkward but sweet dance of your grandparents is what makes a wedding memorable and personal.

We all want to look good at our wedding but taking yourselves and your plans too seriously will not do you any favors and will make your wedding beautiful but also rather like a perfectly staged show which should be admired but not, God forbid, enjoyed.

So, when you start feeling overwhelmed by all the choices and decisions, sit down and breathe out. After all, it’s my job to worry, so you don’t have to.

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