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Planning your wedding is supposed to be one of the best experiences of your life, filled with joy, laughter and excitement. Sadly, the only excitement we’re all getting these days is the of the wrong kind, 100% coronavirus-related and the situation is very probably going to look a bit grim for the next month or so.
If your wedding is supposed to be held during the months of March and April it’s pretty clear these events won’t go ahead as planned, and if you’ve booked a May wedding we would advise you to start thinking of trying to move it to a later date as well. The situation will most definitely improve in a month or so, but seeing how some countries have delayed their preventive measures, international travel will surely be affected for quite some time, meaning that you have to evaluate whether or not you should move ahead with your wedding in May based mostly on its location.
This is quite enough doom and gloom for this post, now let’s turn our attention to our top 3 advice on how you can salvage your wedding plans and stay positive during the coming weeks:



The situation we find ourselves in is new for everyone involved and the best and only way to get through it is to talk to each other. While cancelling your wedding altogether will most probably result in you forfeiting all your deposits, postponing it usually doesn’t present a huge issue in terms of additional fees (or it shouldn’t, seeing the circumstances). Most wedding professionals are reasonable individuals and will do everything in their power to find a solution to your problem and give you a wedding you deserve.

As far as LT EVENTS policy goes, we will charge no additional fees for weddings we had to postpone, and we’ll make sure the whole experience is as stress-free as possible for our lovely couples.

The one thing to keep in mind is that there will however need to be some flexibility on your part as well- most wedding professionals book their dates at least a year ahead, so there will be some wiggling around with dates to work out a solution which can work for everyone.


Cancelation is the one action I would advise against. Not only because of the lost deposits, but mostly because there is absolutely no scenario where coronavirus should be allowed to cancel your love story and the special day you were so looking forward to.

Look at it as just a little delay and with the help of your wedding planner use this extra time to maybe rethink your décor, play around with the timeline or brainstorm about your first dance.

Your wedding planner is there to turn this negative situation into a positive experience. We’re finding ourselves even more connected with the couples who had their weddings postponed and are constantly chatting about what opportunities does the change of date present for making their big day extra special.


And finally, keep it together and communicate with your vendors and guests in a way you would if there would be no crisis. Please remember we’re all in this together and the best way to come out of this situation smiling is to talk to everyone calmly and respectfully. If you’re working with professionals, they will make sure the postponing of your wedding will go ahead with as little headache as possible.

If one of you deals better with stressful situations, let that be the person who takes over communications at this time as they’ll definitely handle it better. If you’re working with a wedding planner, have them get in touch with chosen vendors and work out a new date/solution for your wedding day. We’ve managed to secure new dates for all of our couples, so I believe it’s definitely possible for everyone as long as you’re willing to compromise a bit in regard to dates and, sometimes, venues.

Quite often there are venue management companies running several wedding venues, giving you a better chance of having your wedding postponed to a convenient date if you’re willing to have a look at an alternative venue.


for all couples that are getting married soon

For the next three months we’re offering you a free consultancy via Skype, email or phone if you’ve found yourselves in a situation where your wedding plans have been affected by coronavirus. This service is free of charge and offered to everyone, regardless of whether or not you’re our clients.

Get in touch, we’re here to help you get the wedding you deserve.

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