Welcome to 2022 everyone! As always we’re starting the year with a few helpful tips for starting your wedding planning journey- be it alone or with a wedding planner, it’s always good to know the basics about what it takes to plan a great wedding.

Let’s jump straight into it- here are our TOP 10 WEDDING PLANNING TIPS!


I've discovered I'm actually planning
two weddings;
the Pinterest inspired one
and the one I can actually afford 🙂



We’ve all seen movies about wedding planners, bridezillas and last minute meltdowns- but wedding planning should be just as fun as the wedding itself. Remember- your actual wedding only lasts a day, but you’ll probably spend at least a year planning it. No matter how beautiful the wedding day turns out to be, if you’re coming from a year of stress and worries, you’ll probably not enjoy it very much. Our advice? Make wedding planning fun by remembering that the most important people on a wedding are you and your beloved, which takes us straight to tip number 2.


Everyone will have an opinion and everyone will be full of advice. Which is lovely sometimes- chatting to your friends about what the dress will be like or choosing the decorations with your mum’s help can be a lot of fun. But there are times when it’s important for you to draw the line between what your wishes are and what other people think. You are the only two people who truly know what kind of a wedding you would like and there’s no point in settling for a ballroom wedding if your heart is set on a beachy vibe. 

You’ll never make everyone 100% happy and there will always be guests who manage to criticise certain aspects of your wedding day (even though that’s a huge misstep on their part)- as long as you love your venue/dress/band/decorations then the wedding will be a success. 


The most difficult aspect of planning a wedding but the most necessary one- it’s only once you have a clear idea of what you can comfortably spend on your wedding that you can actually start thinking about planning your wedding day. We say comfortably spend- please please don’t spend more than you can handle! Believe us when we say that you’ll not enjoy your wedding and the planning of it if you have numbers constantly dancing in front of your eyes, reminding you that you’re stepping over the limit.

Weddings don’t have to cost an arm and a leg- there are so many options for venues and vendors out there that there really is something for everyone. You might put in some research time or ask your wedding panner for creative help, but you’ll 100% end up with a beautiful wedding.


Once you’ve set up a budget you have to make sure that your expectations are in line with what is actually possible. The most difficult conversations we have with our clients are those where we have to explain that a wedding for 60 guests at a luxury venue will just not be possible for their designated budget. 

Very often couples start looking at photos online and collecting ideas for what they want their wedding to be and then start thinking about the amount they are able to afford. As we said in our previous point- there’s a perfect wedding venue for everyone and we are able to plan beautiful weddings for almost every budget, but you’ll have to be flexible and trust that there are some venues and vendors that aresadly out of your reach. Alternatives are often even more spectacular and special- frequently the most well known and requested locations cost more just because they’re well known and there may just be a beautiful venue right around the corner that is off the beaten track and doesn’t come with a hefty price tag 🙂


This is very important! No special event will be very special if it’s planned hastily and it’ll most certainly not be very fun. Rushing to plan your wedding is about the worst thing you can do- you’ll have difficulties booking venues and vendors, wedding planners will be unavailable and any special decorations or entertainment you have in mind will be difficult to arrange.

The minimum amount of time you’ll need to plan your wedding is 6 months, but we prefer to advise our couples to allow at least 8 months to a year to plan things comfortably. This will give you enough time to find and book your dream venue and enjoy the process of planning your special day. You’ll want to have your favourite people celebrate your love with you so think about your guests- we all tend to make plans several months ahead, so sending out invitations too close to your chosen date might result in stress over friends and family not being able to attend your wedding.

Another reason why it’s sometimes good to plan well ahead- some venues and vendors have early bird bookings available and offer special discounts to couples who book a year or more in advance! At LT EVENTS we offer couples who book our wedding planning services for 2023/2024 before end of February 2022 a 10% discount…shameless plug inserted, now let’s move on to the next tip!


Now you’re probably thinking that we’ve lost it….but we swear we didn’t! While it’s important to plan your wedding well in advance, there is such a thing as too much time. For a regular wedding the perfect ammount of time is between 8 months to a year, destination weddings a year to 18 months. 

When couples have too much time at their disposal they tend to overthink everything and have difficulties making decisions- there’s plenty of time so why not browse the options, right? Wrong- options are great but changing your mind too many times and altering the wedding theme/venue/decorations/programe too often will end up costing more in both money and stress. And while it’s good to send out your Save The Date out about a year before the wedding, guests will have difficulties to commit to attend your wedding 18 months or two years in advance- life tends to happen and plans change, so stick to a limited timeline.


Traditional weddings last a day and tend to follow the ceremony/reception/party/everyone home plan. Which is of course ok- your wedding should be exactly what you want it to be. But if you’re after a great experience for everyone involved and a chance to make some great memories then consider turning your wedding day into a wedding weekend.

Here it’s all about knowing your guests and your budget- are your guests people who love weekend getaways? Can most of them afford a weekend away or would you have to (or want to) cover the accommodation? If the answers to these questions are favourable to going for a wedding weekend then go for it!

A lovely welcome evening before the wedding day will give you a chance to spend some relaxed time together, enjoying the company and help guests get to know one another and start to mingle. Think a simple but lovely aperitivo dinner or a pizza& gelato party with some live music- what better way to introduce your guests to your wedding venue and eachother? Just make sure the welcome evening ends early enough for everyone to be well rested for the big day.

Staying at the same hotel/venue will give you the chance to turn the preparations into another shared experience- we usually arrange for MUAs and hairstylists to come on site and help all of the ladies get ready while the Bride and Groom spend their morning and early afternoon in their suites with their friends and bridesmaids- cue lots of laughter, excitement and stunning photos.

A wedding day is great but trust us- a wedding weekend is even better! Weekend weedings are what we specialise in, so just drop us an inquiry and we’ll turn your wedding into an unforgettable experience 😉


So you’ve decided on a wedding weekend- our next wedding planning tip is to turn it into a destination wedding. This may seem very daunting, but hear us out- there are some destinations that offer SOOOO much more for your money in terms of cuisine, venue choices and the general service level. 

Take Italy for example – just a short flight will take you to a country with literally endless venue options that are very affordable when compared to venues in the UK for example. The terms and conditions of these venues are not very restrictive, the wedding menu options are abundant and affordable and, well, you’re in Italy! If a weekend wedding in your home country is special just think how great a destination wedding weekend could be.

Choose a destination with great flight connections and your guests can sometimes reach it easier than driving around your home country. Look into it and you’ll see that we’re right



The most tedious but unfortunately very necessary step. Getting married means applying for  wedding certificates and prepare certain documentations in time for your wedding and this is one aspect that shouldn’t be overlooked. Laws and rules differ slightly in different countries and it’s important to check what you’ll need to get married legally. 

We’ll do a dedicated blog all about the what/how/when of necessary wedding documents, but for now just make sure keep this step in mind.


Sustainability is not a trend, it’s a necessity. Of course you want to celebrate in style and have a beautiful, carefree wedding. But being kind to the environment doesn’t cost more, it only takes a bit of research and willingness to make small changes.

Most venues have already implemented more sustainable choices- using local produce, eco farming, no fireworks and single-use plastic policy and using renewable energy sources. You’ll have no difficulty finding information about how sustainable venues are- green sels, so venues make sure to put this information out there.

Email invitations, not using straws, avoiding fireworks and plastic decorations and using potted plants and flowers are just some of the small adjustements you can think about in order to make your unforgettable wedding more sustainable.

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