As your event planner or producer, the LT EVENTS team has a wealth of knowledge to handle all the logistics elements of your special event. That is why we create and symphonize design with a holistic approach that sends a unique message while reducing the number of vendors you will need to work with.
At LT EVENTS, we have prepared recommended venues with all the necessary elements included. Versatile versions are expected when we prepare a custom event for you, based on your wishes and dreams. The LT EVENTS team is with you through all the steps of planning and creating process.



We will help you choose the right artist for memorable pics and great shots that hunt for happiness


We will assists you with the design, planning and management and we look forward to create a tailor-made event just for you


Organizing unforgettable parties and impressions for your guests


We take care of make-up artist, hair designer, and whole bridal package

Want your wedding to be
perfect and memorable?

Full Wedding Planning
This is for couples that wish to leave most of the details of their wedding to a wedding professional.
LT EVENTS team is with you through every step of the wedding design and planning process.



The price for service planning depends on the size, location and details of the event.
All planning fees are listed as flat rates and will never increase or decrease based on how much or little we use.



Each LT EVENTS event is custom made and created and therefore, design prices vary, depending on the customer’s preference and overall style.


The planning price, which is a flat fee, and the design cost, depending on the vision you need to create and your overall budget.

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