Welcome to the first in a series of posts where we’ll be telling you everything you need to know about planning your dream destination wedding. From choosing your wedding destination, finding your venue and the colour of your flowers- we’ve got you covered! 


"It's not the destination,
it's the journey"

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Planning a wedding is always a big task, but planning a destination wedding is a whole lot more complicated. Not only will you need to sort out the usual details like venue, menus and entertainment, you’ll have to work out travel arrangements, accommodation and all the necessary documentation. In a foreign country. In what will very probably not be your first language.

Having said all that, there really is nothing that beats the excitement and fun of planning your wedding abroad if it’s done right. To make sure you’ve got all the information you could possibly need when planning a destination wedding, we’ve prepared a series of posts that you can use as a guide when planning your big day. Hop on to our instagram @LT.events and leave us a question if there’s anything in particular you would like us to answer- we’ll be doing some Q&A videos on IGTV and share some of our top tips with you.

Enough rambling, let’s get into our top three tips for getting started with your destination wedding planning!


While it may seem that planning a destination wedding is all about “the sooner, the better” it’s actually not always the case. Unless you’re planning an elopement, you’ll want your friends and family to come along and share your wedding story- it’s extremely difficult for guests to commit to attending a wedding that is set to take place more than 12-14 months away. 

Unless you’re choosing an extremely popular venue that may be booked for years in advance, try sticking to the 14 month rule and we promise your guests will have a much easier time RSVPing positively. 


While white sandy beaches of Thailand, the romance of Positano and French chateaus are probably the first images that pop into your mind as possible wedding destinations, take a moment and consider locations not immediately associated with weddings abroad.

While you may be dreaming of an authentic Italian experience and thinking about Tuscany for example, there are actually hundreds of venues off the beaten track that can offer you an amazing service without the hefty price tag of the more renowned establishment. At LT EVENTS we’ve become experts at planning weddings at venues you’ll not find on the first pages of your google search- trust us, just because it’s well known doesn’t always mean it’s the best.

Take time to browse destinations and venues online and you’ll find that the choice is literally endless. Consider all of your options before deciding on a destination- it needs to be somewhere that is truly special to you and fits the vision you have for your wedding. Why not go to Prague instead of Paris or Slovenia instead of Italy? Or maybe you’ll find that Italian Marche region is just as picturesque as Tuscany. Just because everyone gets married in Positano doesn’t mean you should too!

Have a look at our selection of recommended venues– these are spectacular places we love working with and most are pretty unusual, making it perfect for a unique wedding experience. 

“Why not choose Prague over Paris or Slovenia over Italy?”


There are many aspects to be taken care of when planning a destination wedding and most of it is done via email or on the phone. Distance, language barriers varying legislation/documentation can prove stressful to deal with, turning what should be the most exciting time in your life into a hectic nightmare.

The truth is, your wedding is over in a day, but it’s the wedding planning that takes months- so why not make it just as fun and memorable as the wedding itself? Choose a wedding planner you feel comfortable with and let them help you arrange all the necessary details to make your destination wedding the stress-free affair it should be. 

If you’re ok with a tried & tested wedding and are just looking for someone to help you with documentation and coordination of your wedding day, then turn directly to the venue you chose or go for a destination wedding agency- they’ll do a good job of covering the basics and help you for a fuss-free wedding.

A completely bespoke, personalised experience from start to finish is only possible if you work with a wedding planner- from the very first meeting to the last minutes of your wedding, the planning is 100 % tailored to your needs and the wedding you’ll end up with will have non of the pre-packaged feel. It’s your wedding planner’s job to really listen to you and help you find your perfect wedding destination, guide you through all the necessary planning steps and share the excitement and joy with you. Couples are often afraid of hiring a wedding planner, but trust us- you’ll enjoy your wedding much more if you’re not the one who worries about timelines and vendor coordination.

We often like to say that we don’t plan destination weddings, we create unforgettable experiences by bringing your vision to life!

"You can make it, but it's easier if you don't have to do it alone."

Betty Ford

We hope you’ll find this series of posts on how to plan your destination wedding helpful and fun to read! Remember to follow us on instagram for more wedding planning tips and wedding inspiration.

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