You’ve decided you’re getting married abroad and have chosen your dream destination. Time to look for that perfect venue that will turn your destination wedding into a real fairy tale. But how do you make that choice? Do you go for a villa or a boutique hotel? A sleek or rustic feel? Is outdoor space important? Do venue policies regarding terms of hire vary greatly? Let’s find out.

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Welcome to the first in a series of posts where we’ll be sharing tips, inspiration and advice on how to plan your dream destination wedding. Let’s begin with our TOP 3 tips on getting started!

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Think about what are your non-negotiables where it comes to your wedding venue. Is ample outdoor space a must? How do you feel about the venue having a strict policy regarding time your party needs to end? Do you mind not having all of your guests staying at the venue? And how important is the quality vs. quantity of food included in your menu to you?

These are just some of the details you should consider when starting to look for your wedding venue. Once you know what aspects of your wedding day are an absolute must for you, it’ll be easier to start eliminating venues from the list and narrowing down your choice pool.


Many couples are unrealistic when it comes to what is possible for them financially. This is one of the first things to consider when you’re choosing your wedding venue abroad, as your budget will be the deciding factor on many things. Don’t be alarmed- spending less doesn’t necessarily mean that your wedding needs to be held in a less beautiful venue or that it will look less special. It’s all about the planning and being clever about it. 

If you’re working with a wedding planner, be open about the realistic extent of your budget- your planner will be able to search and recommend beautiful venues where you’ll be able to get an amazing wedding without the stress of a huge price tag.

Turn to venues slightly off the beaten track and remember that the most important thing about your wedding is that you and your guests feel comfortable, enjoy good food and pretty views and have fun!

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When thinking about your budget and the choice of your venue remember that the most affordable choice where it comes to destination weddings are so called “all in one” venues. This wedding venues are able to accommodate all of your activities- from the welcome evening to your ceremony, reception and party.

Choosing a venue like this can save you a lot of money – there is no additional travelling between the ceremony venue and your reception location for example. You’ll save on decoration and flowers (making one venue look great is easier) and there will be no additional hire fees. Plus- not having to move between venues will save you a lot of stress and make the planning easier, especially is you’re planning your wedding by yourselves. See some of our favourite venues here – we mostly work with all-in-one venues, so you can hardly go wrong.



You and your guests will obviously have to travel to your wedding destination, but we promise that everyone will arrive much happier if the journey is as short and stress-free as possible. If you’re organising a bus transfer for your guests try and go for a venue no more than 5 -6 hours away from your starting point. If your guests are flying in, stick to the maximum 90min travel time from airport to the venue if at all possible.

Do your research and decide on a venue that is relatively easy to get to- a beautiful chateau might look good, but if it takes you a bus, a plane and a train ride to get there it probably isn’t the best choice.


We encounter the same problem often- the couple wants a rustic chic wedding theme but falls in love with an all-glass and sharp interior sleek venue. While it’s possible to transform almost any venue in order to match your vision, you need to be mindful of what that means in term of time and consequently costs.

While a sleek, modern venue may be amazing, it will take a lot to give it a cosy rustic feel and vice-versa. Make sure your venue and wedding style are a good match and you will most definitely save yourselves a few headaches. If you choose wisely, the venue itself may just look so perfect that you’ll hardly need any additional decoration and flowers – saving you a lot of money you can put towards an amazing DJ or an extra special welcome evening.

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We hope you’ll find this series of posts on how to plan your destination wedding helpful and fun to read! Remember to follow us on instagram for more wedding planning tips and wedding inspiration.

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