December is here and with it the season of mulled wine, twinkling fairy lights and the most magical Winter weddings.

If you’re not working with a wedding planner chances are that some last-minute tips will come in handy in order for your special day to go just the way you’ve dreamed it will, so here are some of our ideas on how to make your Winter wedding absolutely fabulous:

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This is a pretty obvious one but you’d be surprised at the number of couples who forget about the fact that a Winter wedding doesn’t only mean fragrant pine trees and fairy tale winter wonderland decoration, it also means that it gets, well, cold. You’ve obviously visited your chosen venue a few times at this point, but have you been there during the colder months? Many beautiful villas and manor houses have trouble heating their premises and it might be worth double-checking the situation. In case you find the spaces are insufficiently heated it’s best to order the venue to set up additional portable heaters for your reception and do think about outdoor spaces as guests do appreciate the possibility of stepping out for some fresh air if the weather is nice.

In extreme cases (and trust us, this happens) think about adding blankets to guests chairs during your sit-down dinner. If done correctly this will add a nice, cosy touch to your wedding day and prevent you from having grumpy guests who shiver through the day instead of enjoying themselves.

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Ok, that’s a bit cheesy, but you know what we mean. Winter weddings are still a bit unusual as couples mostly choose the warmer part of the year to get married so why not giving your guests a real winter story which they’ll remember forever? Ditch the generic décor of blooms and go for evergreens and fragrant pinecones instead while sticking to deep jewel tones or pure white as your theme colours. For weddings on a budget, there’s nothing easier than creating a beautifully chic and cosy atmosphere by using scattered pinecones and branches of spruce as your centrepieces accompanied by candles which give the venue a soft golden glow. Look for winter-inspired wreaths and use them as your centrepieces or have them hanging from the ceiling, avoiding the over-Christmassy look by staying away from red and using blooms to balance out the greenery. Fairy lights are a great choice no matter the season and it’s very easy to incorporate a few strands into your décor even if you are doing your wedding planning self-service. The easiest to use are battery-powered options which don’t require you knowing where the power outlets are located at the venue and are easy to set up and takedown after the wedding.

Spray some pinecones in metallic colours and use them as place card holders and hang small hand-written notes on pine tree branches as your sitting plan and you’re good to go.

Winter décor ideas and where to buy the items:

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Usually, your catering company will have already thought of this but in case you’re working on a budget, you can still give your wedding day that extra-special winter flavour. Why not serve mulled wine for the toast or roasted chestnuts as aperitif bites? This simple but well-loved treats will keep you on budget and create a real winter atmosphere for everyone present. Or how about having a hot chocolate corner for your dessert where guests can have a go at preparing their treat by themselves? All you need is warm water or milk (here do think about your dairy-intolerant friends), packets of stir-in hot chocolate and jars of toppings like whipped cream and ground hazelnuts.

Small touches like these will allow you to go for a more affordable menu option which usually includes more generic items but still have your guests enjoy the season-appropriate flavours.

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Ok, so you’re getting married in winter and as our first point, we’ve warned you that the weather may be less than good. But then again, the weather may well be one of the highlights of your day if your chosen location happens to be somewhere which gets snow.

The most fun we’ve ever had was during a winter wedding we planned last year where a snowman-building competition was just one of the wedding day activities guests took part in (sleighing was another). Obviously it does take some planning ahead as you can’t just order your guests to walk out onto the snow in their finest attire and heels and expect them to have fun while freezing in the cold, but if this is something you and your crowd might enjoy then definitely have a think about it. Your dress code section of invitation should inform everyone of the fact that there will be outdoor activities and have them bring snow boots and warm outerwear but other than that all it takes are a few pretty wedding-themed items to use for snowman-building and the fun can begin. Have them create a snowman wedding party, get your photographer snapping and we can guarantee you’ll remember these moments forever.

What you could organise and items you might need:

Would love a winter wedding but know you can’t plan it on your own? Get in touch and let us create your perfect winter love story wherever in the world you choose.

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