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Hello and welcome back to our blog! Today we thought we’d do a post where we share three mood-lifting anecdotes from our careers and take you on a journey through some of the more memorable moments of our wedding planning.

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Should we start with the kitchen disaster? Or the almost-runaway bride? Or the time I wore just my underwear (really)?

Please note that all  the weddings we’re mentioning in this post went ahead as planned, the couples had a great time and have given us their permission to tell you about it.



Ok so if you ever talk to a wedding planner, this scenario is very familiar to us all- everything is going exactly as planned, everyone is at the right place at the right time and then- the cake is delivered. No problem, right? Well, usually everything is fine, but you do get the odd case of a crazy driver/ wrong packaging or just downright clumsiness which can lead to disasters of varying proportions. On that particular day we weren’t working with any of our trusted cake vendors; instead, the couple decided to go with an establishment owned by their close friend. We’ve made sure everything was in order, the time and place of delivery were clear, and it all looked peachy.


On the wedding day the delivery was running late…. nobody was picking up on their side, the driver’s phone was switched off and we started to get a tiny bit nervous. I was already speed-dialling my most trusted patisserie to beg for a replacement cake when one of our team came running from the kitchen with the news that the cake magically appeared in the fridge! Nobody saw anyone deliver it, the kitchen staff was clueless and there was another surprise- when we opened the box, the cake was squished where it tipped over and leaned onto the box. Great. Cue a moment of silence, followed by a few minutes of frantic brainstorming and – tadaaa- a solution in the shape of us turning into cake decorators complete with aprons, a whole new serving of improvised icing and spatulas flying. Icing was re-applied, edible flower décor got re-arranged and in half an hour the cake looked like new. The best part- the corner that got squished was the only part of the cake where the original design had chocolate chips….which we couldn’t repurpose….so what else was a group of girls to do than eat it😉


WORST MOMENT: opening the box to reveal squished cake
BEST MOMENT: eating the chocolate…obvs. Oh, and the happy couple didn’t notice a thing, so win-win!



You know those romantic comedies where the groom gets cold feet? Or where the bride-to-be decides to not show up? Well, turns out things like this really happen from time to time and all I can say is- it’s not fun. We spent two years planning a truly dreamy wedding for one of our couples in London. Everything was just like straight from a fairy tale- they looked so in love, they agreed on literally every aspect of their wedding day and we all really clicked so the planning really didn’t feel like work at all. Until the wedding day that is…then it all went sideways.


The first signs of trouble appeared early on Saturday morning when I received a sobbing voice message from the bride that she was sorry, she couldn’t do this and she will not be coming to the venue. A soothing phone call later, she seamed fine, we agreed it was just a bit of nerves and she was on her way to the venue where hair and makeup people were ready to turn her into a princess. Fast forward to a few hours later and the time came for the ceremony to start. With 15 minutes to spare everything was running smoothly; the guests have arrived and were being shown to their seats, the groom looked just as nervous and excited as he was supposed to be and our bride looked stunning. There was just a little problem- she wouldn’t speak, was breathing into a paper bag, she wouldn’t come out of her suite and there was nothing her bridesmaids could do to help the situation.


After a few minutes of everyone just standing around, desperately staring at each other and shrugging I decided to try kidnapping the bride. I took her hand, pulled her out of the room and lead her into a secluded corner of the garden where nobody could see us. I made her sit down and proceeded to talk to her about how she and her fiancé first walked into our office, how exciting the past two years were, what an amazing venue they’ve chosen and how beautiful she looked on her very special day. I must’ve been talking for five minutes when she suddenly stood up, told me she was late and walked straight passed me back into the Villa. After just sitting in stunned silence for a few moments I followed her only to discover that she was already walking down the isle with a brilliant smile on her face as if nothing happened. To this day I have no idea what went on in her mind and she says she doesn’t either…this was one of the first weddings I’ve ever done and the couple is still together almost a decade ago, so I guess this is the proof that some cold feet are pretty normal when it comes to your wedding day.


DISASTER RATING: potentially 5/5 but turned out 0/5
WORST MOMENT: just standing there, clueless as to what to do with our “frozen” bride
BEST MOMENT: the glass of champagne at the end of the evening when the newlyweds were partying the night away.



We all know there’s one mortal sin when it comes to wedding guest attire and that is wearing white. On this one occasion, the rule-breaker was the bride’s younger sister and it took some creativity to figure out how to solve this one. The teenager was staying at her friend’s house the evening before the wedding, so none of the family noticed what she was wearing until she turned up at the venue. I didn’t know why she was wearing white; it might have been due to inexperience, jealousy or rebellion- all I knew is that we had to get her out of that dress and into something less offensive but equally pretty.


Solution? I ended up lending her my dress (luckily, all of us always dress according to dress code) and spent the next hour hiding in the staff room in my knickers while one of my girls drove to our hotel to pick up my spare outfit. Problem was solved, the sister looked cute and I got a confirmation that there’s no such thing as packing too many outfits. 😉


MOST RIDICULOUS MOMENT: sitting in the staff room in my underwear.
BEST MOMENT: sitting in the staff room in my underwear😊

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