Our blog and social media has been dormant for the best part of past year- with everything that’s been going on in the world, we decided to take a break from writing about wedding dresses, cakes and venues as we figured that everyone’s minds were firmly elsewhere. While it may be true that reading about light topics such as weddings and celebrations would have been an outlet to some, many people were struggling to survive and so we chose to go quiet.

Although we did post some blogs about how to plan your destination wedding (you can catch up here) , and we did manage to make some weddings happen, this post marks the come back to some sort of normality for us. 

Seeing that we’ve been absent here for a while, why not start at the beginning? We get asked the same questions often and, as couples tentatively start to approach wedding planning again, answering some of the most common ones seemed like a good idea.

This may turn into a little series of posts where we answer your questions, but for now here are the answers to the most frequent ones. Enjoy!

What do you actually do?

We pride ourselves on being the ultimate boutique bespoke wedding planners. Our speciality is tailoring the wedding seamlessly to each couple we work with- from finding the perfect venue options, to creating the ultimate wedding experience for them and their guests. Apart from taking care of the usual planning tasks like assisting with documentation, timelines, style, decor and vendor booking, we specialise in creating unforgettable experiences using our in-depth knowledge of the best there is.

We scout for amazing venues all the time, but don’t partner exclusively with any of them and the same goes for any other vendors. This enables us to plan and organise weddings whenever, wherever our couples desire and we always put all of our energy into every event we do. 

Our policy is strictly one wedding per weekend, so our couples always get our undivided attention. We say ours as there are always at least two team members on site- our creative and planning director Tjaša and one of our support team.

And we travel. Lots. Wherever you are in the world and wherever you want to go, our service and support come right to your doorstep. Talking to you and listening is the one thing that makes our job possible- so #travellingweddingplanners is our hashtag of choice 😉

Who finds the wedding venue? Do you help?

We do. Or at least, that’s what we usually prefer- we never say no to a couple who have already chosen their venue, but we do prefer to be involved in the process of booking The One. The reasons are quite simple- we can dedicate the time and resources to locating the perfect wedding venue for our couples, that fits their dream, budget and desired style that our clients usually can’t.  Crucially, there is a big difference between couples looking for venues and us looking for venues (and no, it’s not the commission as we don’t work like that). Most couples tend to focus on what the venue looks like , fall in love with pretty views, ask some general questions about pricing and that’s mostly it. 

We obviously love beautiful venues as well, but there’s so much more to consider- what are their terms and conditions? Hidden costs? What’s the team like? We’ve had some horrific experiences with venues that looked great but had staff that we wouldn’t entrust with holding our pen, let alone take care of our couples. Is there a good enough plan B? Or will everyone be sitting on top of each other in case of rain? Accessibility is hugely important as well as it’s proximity to other points of interest like place of worship in case of religious ceremony, additional accommodation etc.

How much does a wedding you plan cost?

This has to be the most often asked question of them all. And the answer is unfortunately very vague- that entirely depends on the couple and their preferences. , 

While we do mostly work with higher-end venues, you would be surprised by how little difference there often is in the price of a wedding taking place at an average venue, planned by couples themselves, and weddings we plan at one of the many amazing venues we know and love. Remember – not everything that feels luxurious comes with a luxury price!


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