Your wedding should be perfect and choosing the right venue is one of the most important tasks. When planning a wedding for our clients, we always stick to these 5 easy steps when deciding on the venue:
1. Wedding theme
Deciding on your wedding theme and an overall look of your wedding is crucial before choosing your preferred venue. If you envision a romantic Vintage wedding, a local sports hall probably isn’t a good choice and neither is a luxurious ballroom if you want to have a rustic wedding.

2. Location

Whether you are excited about an idea of a destination wedding or if you plan on tying the knot someplace close to where you live, keep in mind that location is important. Is there a parking area available, do you expect traffic jams, is the venue easily accessible (also for your grandma?), how far is it from the ceremony to where the reception is at and how will your guests arrive?

3. Weather

Deciding between an outdoor and an indoor wedding? If you prefer an outdoor venue you must remember that lovely weather isn’t guaranteed even if your wedding is in July. So plan B is a must, otherwise, you are risking a wedding day gone wrong. In this case, we suggest looking at venues that offer both outdoor and indoor facilities.

4. Size

How big will your wedding be, how many guests are invited? Consider this number when choosing your venue. Nobody likes to be squeezed at a dinner table, constantly touching their neighbour’s elbow while eating and everyone will appreciate it if they can feel comfortable at your wedding. Moreover, if you want your guests to party and dance, later on, you have to plan a dancing area.

Photo Anton Salakhov

5. Service

If you choose a venue just because of the low price for hire or its beauty but don’t think about their level of service, this could lead to catastrophe. Remember, your wedding should also be a wonderful experience for everyone involved, so choose a venue that is famous for its excellent service and food.

We hope this was helpful. We will be pleased to advise you on a venue that is just perfect for you – contact us and let’s start planning!


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