Congratulations! You’re engaged! You are already excited when you think about your wonderful wedding guests, beautiful flowers and romantic atmosphere, accompanying you on the way to your marriage… White roses and soft pearls or maybe pink tulips… No, wait, perhaps happy and vivid sunflowers… But do sunflowers bloom in September? Let’s hire a terrace with sea view, or maybe rather a hidden park with romantic music and dancing. But which musicians are the best, should we hire a DJ, how much does this cost? Where can we get gluten-free wedding cake and can we release white doves at our wedding?


As more and more questions seem to be piling up, you realise that planning your wedding is not easy. Besides when and where to tie the knot and who to invite, one of the questions, in the beginning, is also whether or not you should hire a wedding planner.

Below are our 10 reasons why we think that’s a good idea. If you do decide to hire a professional, we recommend that you choose a wedding planner not only whose work you like but also whom you can easily connect with and like as a person since during the following months and on your magical day, he or she will act as your best friend, personal assistant and the person who turns your vision into reality.

1. Your wedding will not be left to coincidence

2. Wedding planner will help you save time & money

3. You still get to make decisions

4. Wedding planner knows what to look for when choosing a supplier

5. Minimize the stress and make your wedding planning experience enjoyable

6. You don’t have to solve last-minute crisis, the wedding planner will do it for you

7. Not all wedding planning tasks are fun, why not let someone else take care of them

8. Wedding planner will help you stick to your budget

9. Wedding planner will help make your vision come true

10. You deserve to enjoy your wedding day

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